Followup: Autonomous Cars and the Future

Fusion Hybrid research vehicle

On Tuesday we posted about Ford’s autonomous Fusion Hybrid research vehicle, developed in partnership with the University of Michigan and State Farm. We also talked about dreams, vision, and the future. Well it turns out some states are dreaming that the future will be here sooner than you think, and Michigan is one of those states.

Car and Driver reports a bill that allows autonomous test cars on public roads has passed through the Michigan legislature. The bill is expected to be signed into law by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, a known supporter of innovation by the state’s automotive industry. According to the article, the bill will require that a driver be behind the wheel at all times while testing the vehicles, and the cars will require specially tagged license plates.

Florida, California, Nevada, and the District of Columbia all have laws allowing autonomous test vehicles on their roads, and reports indicate that at least eight other states have drafted bills with a similar purpose. With many car manufacturers looking to jump ahead in the future of the industry, it only makes sense that Michigan would enact a law like this one. Michigan residents can probably expect to see Ford’s LiDAR Fusion Hybrid on the road soon.

Read the full article on the Michigan Law on Car and Driver, and weigh in on autonomous cars and legislation surrounding them by leaving a comment, emailing us at, or talking to us at Leith Ford.

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