Use Your Tax Refund to Make Your Car Feel Like New


The average tax refund amount for 2014 was $2,797, which is a decent chunk to put toward your car. If you’ve been avoiding maintenance or repairs, the windfall nature of the tax return could be just the thing your daily driver needs.

Here are a couple things you might not have thought of:

Replacing your tires

You can have the fanciest car in the world but if the tires are shot, nothing good will happen. The average price for four new tires is $637, plus mounting and balancing.

Many of us buy the cheap-o, economy tires because of the lower cost, but a higher quality tire can actually last longer, thus saving you money over the long run.

The lump sum nature of the tax refund is a good way to step above the cheap decision and give your car a decent set of shoes.

The workhorse of your car: the suspension

Everyone talks about the motor, transmission, and oil in a car, but how often do we honor the real MVP: the suspension. It absorbs all the bumps, pits, and debris we drive over, and holds the weight of your world on its shoulders, the Atlas to your life (Google it).

Did you know that by having your suspension checked, you could keep other parts from breaking? A taut, strengthened suspension will keep everything from sagging, avoiding friction points and possibly staving off part failures.

Remember how you felt when you were 19? Make your car feel like it’s 19.

That thing you’ve been avoiding

You know how you nod through whatever the technician says about your car because you’d rather cross that bridge when you come to it? A tax return is like a wheelbarrow full of bricks and mortar.

Those technicians usually know what they’re talking about and you now have the ability to snap your fingers and make things happen. We know it’s not as fun as a new toy, but reliable transportation is a nice thing to have.

Upholstery, floor mats, leather conditioning, and melted crayon removal

How many times have you opened your car door and automatically blocked out THAT STAIN that looks awful because you’re just dealing with it?

Now imagine that all those rips, marks, discolorations, and unholy memories can be erased, leaving only the fresh, immaculate smell of professional work done well.

Your seats do a lot for you, friends. Think about it.


Do you have a special way to use your tax refund? Tell us about it on Facebook. We’d like to know more about how you take care of your car.

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