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How to Decide What Kind of Tires to Buy

Buying tires for your car is a lot like picking out a new pair of shoes. Most of the time when you go in for new ones you’ll probably stick to getting a nice comfortable pair of sneakers. Now and then you’ll want to specialize, though. If you’re going hiking, you’ll want some trail shoes […]

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Leith Autopark Wendell Partners with NCMP

Leith Autopark Wendell is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the North Carolina Motorsports Park in Henderson. From the NCMP Website: “North Carolina Motorsports Park is your destination for motorsports and family riding fun! Located in Henderson, North Carolina, NCMP was designed and built by the Czysz family and a group of dedicated dirt […]

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Detroit Movement Festival Performers Take a Ford Focus

Some of our older readers have no doubt heard electronic music before. It’s prevalent enough in modern culture that you ought to have heard just enough to be able to complain about it, maybe going as far to dub it “racket” or “noise.” Perhaps you’re not wrong to do so. For the second year running, […]

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