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New Nokian Studded Tires Could Change Winter Driving

We’ve mentioned winter tires a few times already, and with the chilly season winding down, you might wonder why we’re bringing them up again. Well when a company like Nokian designs a tire this cool, we would probably write about it even on the hottest day of summer. If you’re not aware, Nokian was the […]

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2015 Ford Focus: First Look

How do you make the best-selling car in the world even better? That’s the question that Ford designers and engineers had to ask themselves when tackling the 2015 Ford Focus. They started by reaching out to customers, both those who had bought a previous Focus as well as those who drive a competing car. The […]

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Happy Trails, Mike Rowe

After seven years, Ford is parting ways with its rough-and-tumble spokesperson, Mike Rowe. Well known for his work on the Discovery Channel in shows like Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch, Rowe has voiced and starred in all manner of Ford commercials for the past several years. While pitching Ford cars and trucks never required him […]

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FAQs: F-150 Aluminum Questions

Track and field hurdles are often made from aluminum. The crossbars are PVC plastic, but the parts that the hurdle stands on are aluminum. Similarly, the lightweight, durable metal is what holds the 2015 Ford F-150 up as an innovative and exciting entrant into the trucking world later this year. Still, it’s a hurdle, too. […]

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10 Step Guide to Getting Your Car Unstuck

BIG BOLD ALL CAPS DISCLAIMER: DO NOT DRIVE IN THE SNOW IF YOU DON’T HAVE TO. STAY HOME. STAY OFF THE ROAD. STAY SAFE. Leith wants to help you prepare for future events where you find your car is stuck in the snow. We do not want you to think that just because you are […]

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