FAQs: F-150 Aluminum Questions

Track and field hurdles are often made from aluminum. The crossbars are PVC plastic, but the parts that the hurdle stands on are aluminum. Similarly, the lightweight, durable metal is what holds the 2015 Ford F-150 up as an innovative and exciting entrant into the trucking world later this year. Still, it’s a hurdle, too.

When it was announced that the new F-150 would have an all-aluminum body, people started asking questions, mostly about cost.

Will my insurance go up?

Probably, but not by that much. Ford is only expecting a ten percent jump in current insurance rates for its best-selling truck, and the blue oval would like to point out that the F-150 is generally cheaper to insure than its competition to begin with.

Is my mechanic qualified and equipped to make repairs on aluminum-bodied vehicles?

It’s true that specialized equipment and training are required to work on the 2015 F-150, but remember that this isn’t the first aluminum-bodied vehicle. It’s just the first aluminum-bodied truck. There are body shops that can perform the necessary tasks already. In fact, Ford claims that ninety percent of customers are within two hours of a properly equipped facility, and eighty percent are within half an hour. You won’t have to wait to get your truck.

Will my dealership be able to make those repairs?

Of course. Ford is planning to certify 750 of its dealers for aluminum repairs, and it is chipping in up to twenty percent of the cost of upgrading facilities, training staff, and other special needs for aluminum. You better believe Ford is doing everything it can to make the new F-150 a hit. Leith Ford will be happy to service your 2015 F-150. We’re clearing these hurdles with style, and we can’t wait for this truck to get here later in the year.

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