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Year of the Horse: Ford Mustang Convertible Reclaims Its Empire

When it comes to automotive history, well let’s face it: There might not be automotive history without Ford. The motor company’s milestones are innumerable. Lately, our blog has been focusing on the history around one car in particular: the Ford Mustang and its golden jubilee. Some say that history repeats itself. Others say it merely […]

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A Fresh Look for the Leith Ford Blog

Notice anything different? Anything… awesome? We got a sweet new layout for our blog. It’s a shiny, spiffy, and supremely more readable format for us to bring you the best that Leith has to offer. All of our previous content is right here and better than ever, and we aren’t making any changes to our […]

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Name the New Goodyear Zeppelin, Win a Ride

There was a time in the history of air power that lighter-than-air aircraft held equal sway with heavier-than-air planes. Various hot air balloons were a crucial part of getting man’s feet off the ground, predating the first powered flight by hundreds of years. They evolved into dirigibles once suitable propulsion was discovered. While the speed […]

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William Clay Ford Automotive Design Scholarship Announced

Last week, we reported on the passing of William Clay Ford, long-standing patriarch of the Ford family and Director Emeritus of Ford Motor Company. In addition to being an outstanding leader and a pillar of the community in Dearborn, Michigan, Mr. Ford was also chairman of the design committee for more than half of his […]

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In Memoriam: William Clay Ford

It was with a heavy heart that we lowered our flags to half-mast this week, honoring the passing of William Clay Ford, Director Emeritus of Ford Motor Company. Mr. Ford was an employee of the company for fifty-seven years, starting work soon after graduating from Yale in 1949. He was Chairman of the Design committee […]

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