Does My Car Insurance Cover Someone Else Taking a Turn at the Wheel?

Call your insurance company. Only they know. There are plenty of blog posts and news articles on this subject, but none of them know what coverage you’ve signed up for and what it covers. When it comes to insurance policies, the only way to know for sure is to go to the source.

Call in the afternoon, a few days in advance

If you leave this one on your to-do list, there’s a good chance that it will slide to the bottom. After all, who wants to learn about car insurance? We had to read a bunch of guidelines to write this blog post and even our eyes glazed over. Call when most people are at work or at dinner and you’ll at least reduce your wait time.

Make sure you have towing and rental car coverage

Putting aside the original question of who pays in the event of a collision, remember that you’ll still need transportation in the moment. A towing company might be needed to haul your car to a shop, and you’ll need a rental car to get to wherever you were going. In that moment, it would be nice if those things were covered.

If you know that you’ll be taking a trip away from home, sign up for towing and rental coverage. You can probably cancel them once you return home, and there’s nothing like being stuck in nowhere’s-ville without a fresh set of wheels while your car is being worked on.

While you’re at it, maybe look at your existing coverage

It could be that you chose your car insurance when you were at a different stage in your life. Whether you were cost-cutting at the time or cautious to the point of paranoia, it might be worth spending a few moments going through your coverage details to see what you’re paying. If nothing else, we’ll bet you drive more defensively the next day.


Don’t delay, call today. The insurance man cometh, and it would be nice if you knew he was comething at your friend instead of you. Do you have tips for car insurance? Post them on our Facebook page.

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