Earth Day Reflection

Waking up, today did not feel like an important day. Today felt like any other day. It felt like Tuesday, only Tuesday, a day that has three other days coming after it before the weekend. On days like Tuesday it is difficult to fight our default settings. We wait ten minutes after the alarm goes off, just wishing for a cup of coffee to be injected directly into our bloodstream because maybe then it would be easier to shake off the bed gravity.

Earth Day

Today, make the adjustment because it is an important day. This is Earth Day. Since 1970, we’ve marked April 22 as a day to celebrate doing better than basic. There’s a popular meme that has made its way across time and space, from one people to another that says you should treat others the way you want to be treated. That goes for the rock we live on, too.

What can you do, though? How can you help? What does it take to switch off of our default settings?

It’s all about taking an extra step or two. You can recycle. You can start a compost heap in your yard. You can turn out the lights when you leave the room, and turn off the television when you aren’t watching anything. You can ease off the accelerator and ease onto the brakes. You can slow down and think. You can make something grow, even if it’s just yourself.

There are many ways to get involved on Earth Day, but the best and simplest thing you can do is take time to talk to someone about our planet and the environment. Share your concern, but also share what you love about it. Reminisce about a camping trip, or the long day you spent fishing. Make plans for a nature hike, a bike ride, or any kind of lively jaunt outside. Do something to remind yourself what a wonderful world we live in so that you remember it’s worth the effort.

All of us at Leith wish you a happy Earth Day.

Earth Day Reflection was last modified: December 29th, 2014 by Leith Ford

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