Project Phoenix: How Ford Kept the New GT Under Lock and Key

It’s called Liquid Blue.

That’s what you’ve been wondering, right? Ever since you noticed that the Raptor, the GT350R, and the GT all had the same color, you’ve been wanting to know what that paint was called, just so you know which box to tick when you’re placing your order on your next Ford.

We’re telling you the paint is called Liquid Blue because you won’t find it on any option sheet. There is no way for you to drive a Ford that is this color. Not right now, at least. Liquid Blue is for show cars only. You want Liquid Blue? Drive a show car.

With that out of the way, we can talk about how the new Ford GT was built entirely in a basement. The development team was tiny and mainly worked at night. They weren’t allowed to tell anyone what they were working on, not even their families. That’s the kind of confidentiality normally reserved for state secrets, the kind of things that could topple nations.

Instead, Ford mainly kept the GT hidden to make Acura look foolish. Just kidding, that isn’t the real reason, but it was a nice bonus. Actually they really wanted to keep it off the books and protected from the normal bureaucracy of building a new model. No market research, no global collaboration. Just a group of engineers, locked in a basement, building the next great super car.

Car and Driver spoke with Kip Ewing, chief engineer of Project Phoenix, as the GT was codenamed. Ewing was on the team who built the 2005 GT, and he’s also had his hands in a number of high-end projects over the years. It would be hard to find someone more qualified to build this car, and he gave very thorough answers in his interview, so we suggest you give it a read.

Ford is planning to build 250 of these a year for as long as it wants to. They say they’re to be priced similarly to a Lamborghini Aventador. One of those will run you about $400,000.

No matter how much the GT actually costs, you still can’t have it in Liquid Blue.

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