Has Anyone Told You Not to Get a Truck for These Reasons?

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People get down on trucks with outdated information and negativity that rains on our parade. Because of this, many people spread misinformation that makes trucks look impractical, silly, and absurd.

While everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, we’re here to counter the five most frequently raised objections to owning a pickup truck. Formal rebuttals must be handwritten and mailed to our location in triplicate.

You never get to actually use them

To this we say, “Bro, you have to listen to the universe.” Many opportunities go unrecognized because we assume we can’t partake in them. It’s like we have these blinders on (scotomas: Google it) that filter out all the hauling, carrying, and tailgating opportunities that a guy with a Honda Civic doesn’t even see.

Fuel economy must be terrible

Not necessarily. Data from the Environmental Protection Agency shows that even the least efficient trucks get about 15 miles to the gallon when you average their city and highway performance. The most efficient trucks are knocking on 30 mpg, so it’s entirely possible to get a pickup that competes with other vehicle classes.

They’re hard to see out of

Thanks to rearview cameras, sensors, and enlarged side mirrors, it’s now entirely possible to see everything around you. And thanks to the high ride of many pickups, your view of the road ahead should be excellent. Technology has largely solved this problem.

They’re hard to get in and out of

Many trucks now offer side-steps to help you into the cabin. If you’re not choosing options on a new vehicle, keep an eye out for pre-owned models with this feature. It might take a firm grip on the door handle to help you up, but we can guarantee it’s easier than mounting a horse.

They’re hard to park

Again, thanks to the visibility improvements we mentioned above, parking a truck is nowhere near as challenging as it might have been years ago. Many trucks make steering and accelerating easier at parking lot speeds. That’s because they’re smart enough to know that sometimes control is your number one goal.

So there you have it! What do you think about the ease of trucks today? Let us know on Facebook.

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