Sedan, SUV, or Truck: Which Is Right for You?

Automobiles have advanced so much technologically that your perceptions of a model type might need some updating.

Think all SUVs are gas guzzlers? Think again. Think sedans can’t offer storage space? Think again. Think trucks need a V6 to get anything done? Think again.

Below we break down our three model types in general terms. For detailed information about our particular vehicles, use our contact us page.

The State of Sedans in 2016

The primary advantages of a sedan are its light weight, superior handling abilities, low center of gravity, and comfortable ride quality. Sedans sit low to the ground and have suspensions that surpass SUVs and trucks in terms of comfort. They’re easy on gas thanks to their low weight, and have a sleeker profile that doesn’t create as much wind resistance. If your transportation needs are moderate, you can’t go wrong with a sedan.

The State of SUVs in 2016

And yet everyone wants an SUV. You sit high off the ground and that makes you feel like a boss. The ride quality is a little rougher, but you can also hop over curbs without scraping your underside. Because of efficiency gains, modern SUVs are now surprisingly close to sedans in terms of fuel consumption. You probably have no more seats than a sedan, but you’ll get more cargo space. Mainly you feel like an emperor.

The State of Trucks in 2016

Many trucks now have four-cylinder engines that provide a level of performance comparable to a six-cylinder engine. However, some six-cylinder engines are getting so efficient that they’re comparable to a four-cylinder. In that sense, both engine sizes are gravitating toward each other in terms of fuel efficiency and performance. Keep an open mind as you look at options and look to the test drive to update your biases.

Those are our assessments of the 2016 models. As we said, contact us for more detailed information regarding the particular auto you’re interested in. And remember that the best way to check your knowledge is to test drive.

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