Ford Reveals the 2017 Focus RS

In the past weeks, Ford has consolidated all of its performance divisions under a single heading and then released a host of new cars that belong to the now unified Ford Performance heading. We’ve seen the new Ford GT, the 2017 F-150 Raptor, and the Shelby GT350R (which we haven’t had a chance to cover yet). All of these cars share a certain universal appeal. It takes an enthusiast to want to own any of these, but anyone with a pulse can look at them and think “That’s a sweet car.”

Now Ford has revealed another performance car, but this one might cause the uninitiated to scratch their heads. This is the 2017 Focus RS.

The so-called “hot hatch” is a suped-up version of what most people would think is just another c-segment five-door, but it’s actually so much more. As you’ll learn from the above video, the Focus RS is equipped with a torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system, a twin-scroll turbocharged EcoBoost engine, huge Brembo brakes, and track-grade tires. Let’s pause to let that sink.

Despite being an exclusively manual transmission car and being built in Cologne, Germany, Ford intends to sell the Focus RS all over, including in the U.S., Australia, and China.

If you aren’t convinced of the awesomeness of this car already, there’s really only one guy who will be able to change your mind. Hot hatches are meant to be hooned, and no man does that better than Ken Block.

In this video, Block puts this would-be WRC car through a mini-gymkhana routine inside its own production facility.

After you’ve enjoyed the video, let us know if you have any additional questions about the 2017 Focus RS or any other vehicles in Ford’s lineup. Remember that Leith Ford is your official Ford dealer in the Raleigh area.

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