Everyman Driver’s Take on the 2014 Ford Edge

There’s a lot to be said for keeping things simple, which is why we enjoy the reviews of Dave Erickson, the Everyman Driver. His blog and his videos are all about stripping away the jargon and minutia that most autobloggers prescribe to cars. It’s not to disparage enthusiasts, but rather to recognize the larger audience that wants to know the most basic and useful information about a car before they visit a dealer. Today we’re sharing his review of the 2014 Ford Edge.

Erickson likes to start his videos by introducing the car and then letting the viewers hear its exhaust note. He’ll do this even on cars that aren’t supposed to have a great sound because he recognizes that a good tone is part of feeling comfortable behind the wheel. The Edge sounds great for a crossover, if we do say so ourselves.

The rest of his review is spent showing off the basic functionalities of the car. He pops the hood and discusses engine options, variation between trim levels, and fuel economy. Erickson also adds a practical level by hopping in the backseat and demonstrating leg room and headroom. With the trunk, rather than just spouting off a measure of cubic footage, he loads in some of his own suitcases to illustrate cargo capacity.

From the rear of the Edge, if you have a keen eye, you can also recognize some trickle-down technology from Ford’s luxury division, Lincoln Motor Company. In this case, the automatic liftgate controlled via key fob is one function we’re glad the Edge has appropriated. The auto-folding second row seats are another.

We hope this video from Everyman Driver has you interested in the 2014 Ford Edge. It’s most certainly worth a look, so feel free to visit us at Leith Ford in Wendell for a test-drive.

Everyman Driver’s Take on the 2014 Ford Edge was last modified: February 9th, 2016 by Leith Ford

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