Goodbye to the Year of the Horse

The City of Ordos in Inner Mongolia is perhaps the world’s largest ghost town. It wouldn’t be proper to call it an abandoned city. People would have had to be living there in the first place in order to have abandoned it. Instead, it is a monument to reckless ambition and a large scale lesson on meeting deadlines.

Writ large across the city’s architecture is a testament to Mongolian heritage and the equestrian empire of the great khan.

There are horses everywhere, but someone at Ford decided Ordos could use one more.

A deserted metropolis has got to be one of the best places ever to do a little bit of drifting. When you put Vaughn Gittin, Jr. behind the wheel of a Ford Mustang GT, “a little bit” isn’t nearly enough.

We’re a bit late in wishing goodbye to the Year of the Horse, but as far as we’re concerned, it doesn’t end anytime soon.

Call or visit us at Leith Ford near Raleigh and ask about test-driving a Mustang GT.

Goodbye to the Year of the Horse was last modified: April 3rd, 2015 by Leith Ford

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