Winter is Here: Winter Driving Guide

It’s cold outside, and everyone knows it. School systems are calling for two-hour delays before a single flake hits the ground, just so kids don’t get pneumonia while they’re waiting at the bus stop. That’s some serious precaution, and according to Car and Driver, it’s the same kind of attitude you should have toward your vehicle this winter season.

The main takeaway from their “Winter Driving Guide: Tips to Survive the Snow and Ice” is that if you don’t take the necessary steps to prepare for cold weather driving, you’re going to be shucks-outta-luck. Their checklist runs the gamut on everything you need or need to do before the first signs of inclement weather, including getting your battery and wiper blades checked, packing an emergency survival kit, keeping your gas tank full, and even warming your car up fully before you hit the road.

They also recommend you equip winter tires on your vehicle, advice that follows from this informational graphic they posted on Monday:

Depending on what you drive, some of the more vehicle-intensive pointers involve using a car equipped with all-wheel-drive and traction and stability control. Hopefully you have at least one such vehicle at your disposal.

Read Car and Driver’s full Winter Driving Guide for a comprehensive list of things to know when Jack Frost comes calling.

Luckily, if you don’t have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, or if your tires or battery or anything else needs to be serviced, it’s not too late, and Leith can help you with everything you need. You can speak to someone in our Service Department about getting your car inspected for winter conditions, someone in our Tires Department about winter tires, and a sales representative about which cars in our inventory handle best on icy roads.

When the temperatures drop, Leith Ford has you covered.

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