Ken Block Runs Wild in Gymkhana Seven

Across the country and around the world, people have been celebrating the Ford Mustang’s fiftieth anniversary in many different ways. There was the 50th Anniversary Mustang Pony Drive earlier this year. There was the Empire State building convertible stunt redux. There was of course the release of the 2015 Ford Mustang.

And now, in possibly our favorite celebration, there is Gymkhana Seven:

Ken Block’s Hoonicorn is intimidating enough when you see it in pictures, but once you see it in action it becomes clear this beast is fueled by nothing short of nightmares. It has to be chained down to stay in one place, its 845 horses all ready to crash the gate and take off. It also burns enough rubber to completely enshroud itself in smoke, and you’ll see that Block’s bandana is not worn for show.

In terms of scope, Gymkhana Seven dwarfs Block’s past stunt reels. The video is twice as long as the last edition and the video is filmed on a scale that encompasses all of Los Angeles. He basically uses the city as his playground, blocking off entire streets and portions of the freeway, too. The Hoonicorn also makes an appearance at several LA fixtures, like Randy’s Donuts and the Hollywood sign. The all-wheel drive also comes in handy when he’s drifting down in the aqueducts.

It’s a good thing Block is so well sponsored because between the cost of the car, the production, and the use of the city, this video must have been prohibitively expensive to make.

For this driftastic display of hoonery, we would say it’s well worth it.

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